Burglaries South of Ventura are Increasing
Aug 27, 2014
Residential burglaries south of Ventura Boulevard are picking up.

  -Please check your streets when you are leaving and returning home for anyone that looks suspicious and please report it to the police by calling 877 275-5273 and lets get a patrol vehicle to check that person out.
  -Remember to set your alarms when you leave even if its just for a few minutes.
  -Put locks on all your gates. (you can always give the pool man a key)
  -Remember to close and lock your windows and doors.
  -If someone knocks on the front door, let them know you are home.  You don't have to open the door to make the person aware you are home.
  -If you go out of town for a few days, let the neighbors know.  Stop the paper and the mail unless you have someone to pick it up everyday.
  -Put your lights on timers so they come on at different times in the evenings.
  -Have a television or radio playing in a back ROOM so there is some noise heard.

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