Welcome to Encino Neighborhood Watch

    This website has been established in an effort to disseminate information about criminal activity in our area, and to keep the community up to date on important information that concerns us all.

    Encino Neighborhood Watch is assigned a Senior Lead Officer (SLO) (we actually have three for three designated areas, who provides pertinent information via the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter or through this website and encinowatch.com emails. The SLO is also assigned to a patrol car in addition to his administrative duties as a Senior Lead Officer. When there is a burglary, robbery, or attempted burglary or robbery, mail theft, car theft, vandalism, or any suspicious activity, it needs to be reported to the police, but then it should be reported to this website by clicking on "Contact Us".

    There will be no names or exact addresses (block number only) posted with the crime reports. They will be accessible by clicking on "Local Crime Update." This information is invaluable in protecting our residents, and in preventing more victims.

    I hope that you will find this website informative, and that you will tell your neighbors. In addition, PLEASE CLICK ON "CONTACT US" AND PROVIDE US WITH YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS TO DIRECTLY RECEIVE IMPORTANT UPDATED INFORMATION. Your e-mail information is kept private and is never shared.

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