Community Policing Program

    Community Policing is a partnership between the police and the community. It is a partnership in which the police and the community share responsibility for identifying, reducing, eliminating and preventing problems that impact the community. By working together, the police and the community can reduce the fear and incidence of crime and improve the quality of life in the community. In this effort, the community and police, as partners, identify and prioritize problems of crime and disorder and share the responsibility for the development and implementation of proactive problem-solving strategies to address identified issues. The strategies used combine the efforts and resources of the police, the community and local government.

    Each geographic Area has a Community-Police Advisory Board (CPAB). A CPAB is an Area-level community board comprised of members from the various residential and business communities who live or work in a particular geographic area. The membership is Area specific and can also include representatives from religious, social and educational institutions. In partnership with Area commanding officers, these community members identify crime problems, or problems of disorder and neglect that can breed serious crime, develop strategies to address these issues, and mobilize community and governmental resources which can help solve these problems.

    The West Valley CPAB is comprised of community business and residential members who meet monthly with the Commanding Officer of the West Valley Community Police Station to address community problems, identify solutions and improve the communication between the community and Police Department. For more information, contact Sgt. Cynthia Danzek at 818-374-7690.

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