Help Protect Yourself (11 Good Tips)

  1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  2. If you think you are being followed home, go to a well lighted public location or police station.

  3. After entering a garage, keep the engine running and doors locked until garage door is completely closed, and you are sure you are alone. Be prepared to back out of the garage, if necessary. Many follow-home robbers enter garages and gates before they close.

  4. Secure doggy doors when appropriate. Simply having a dog does not always serve as a deterrent to a crime.

  5. Install good lighting around your home. Criminals do not want to be identified.

  6. Do not leave ladders outside your home, but if necessary, be sure to chain them securely.

  7. Be aware of potential hiding places in the front of your home and if possible remove them, such as tall bushes.

  8. Do not wear valuable jewelry when out in public places, such as malls and grocery stores.

  9. If a crime occurs, remain calm, make mental notes of robber's physical description, and if possible, write down vehicle description and license plate number.

  10. Comply with the robber's demands. Your possessions are never as important as your safety!

  11. Be an involved neighbor. If you see a car with a suspicious looking person inside, write down the vehicle description and license number. If a crime is committed in the area, this information could be helpful.

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