Police and Fire Dept. Solicitations

Recently, there has been an increase in solicitators who claim to represent law enforcement agencies and fire departments.   The LAPD and the LAFD do not solicit donations.   Peace Officer and Firefighter Organizations which solicit funds within the City of Los Angeles are required to have valid "Solicitors" police permits issued by the Board of Police Commissioner (LAMC Section 103.212).  Persons soliciting or making collections on behalf of these organizations are required to possess and display identification cards issued by the Board of Police Commissioners which identify each solicitor by photo, fingerprint, and personal information.  Solicitors must wait 48 hours before attempting to collect a contribution or payment.

The following 12 organizations are registered and hold Police Commission permits to solicit and pick up funds in the City of Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles Police Department does not endorse any of these organizations.  Several of these organizations are telemarketers who actually give quite a small percentage of the donations to any police charitable organization.

1.  California Reserve Peace Police Officer Association.
2.  California Organization of Police and Sheriffs.
3.  California Peace Officers Associations.
4.  California Police Activities League.
6.  International Union of Police Associations.
5.  Fraternal Order of Police.
7.  L.A. County Marshals.
8.  Los Angeles Unified School District.
9.  Municipal Motorcycle Officers of California.
10. National Association of Police Organizations.
11. Peace Officers Research Association of California.
12. San Fernando Police Officers Association.

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