You Can Stop Thefts from Vehicles

Burglary/Theft from vehicles have increased in the West Valley, and in Encino in particular.  Leaving items in plain view inside your car will most likely result in the loss of that item along with a broken window.  Both can be costly.  Do not leave any electronics, purses, briefcase, cellphone, mail, or anything else of value to you, as it can easily be taken. This is a crime of opportunity that can be avoided.  If you must keep something in your car, lock it in the trunk prior to your destination.

Do not leave garage remotes in view.  Your remote and any address identification in the car can lead to easy access to your home.  You do not need to leave your registration or insurance information in your car. You can copy them and reduce the size to fit in your wallet. Lock It! Hide It! Keep It!

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