Recognizing Suspicious Activities

What is suspicious and when do you call the police?

Suspicious activity is anything that looks like it could be connected with criminal behavior – someone casing a neighborhood, forcing open a door, grabbing a child; screaming or pounding coming from a nearby residence or apartment; strong chemical odors coming from an inappropriate building, are a few examples. If the activity is or appears to be threatening to property or people, immediately report the suspicious activity by calling the police. Time is critical in apprehending criminals. It is better to be overly-suspicious than to let a criminal get away.

Following is a list of suspicious activities and the criminal activity that might be occurring:

•A person, persons, groups of young people, adult(s) or
gang(s) gathering (loitering) for an extended or unusual period of
  Possible burglary, arson, or drug dealing)
•Behaving strangely.
  Possibly on drugs or preparing to do some illegal activity
•With any sort of weapon(s).
  Possibly planning any number of crimes
•Carrying, concealing or transporting anything unusual.
  Possible burglar carrying stolen property
•Looking into cars.
  Possibly casing cars for theft of car or its contents
•Wearing clothing, bandanas, caps, or other attire that could spell  
  Possible gang activity
•Running, especially if carrying something valuable.
  Possible suspect fleeing scene of the crime
•Creating any type of disturbance.
  Disturbing the peace or covering up noise of some other activity
•Going door to door, especially if someone goes to the rear of the
  Possibly casing the neighborhood
•Loiterers around schools, parks or on the street.
  Possible burglar, sex offense, drugs or arson
•Create much foot traffic to and from a particular place, short
  Possible drugs, vice or fencing operation
•Screams for help.
  Possible rape, medical emergency, robbery, assault or fire
•Offering items for sale at extremely low prices.
  Possibly trying to sell stolen property
•An older man with young females or teenagers in an unusual place or
for an unusual period of time.
  Possible sex crimes of seeking sex or pimping (soliciting
  customers) for the youngsters.

The list is endless. Trust your instincts. Anyone observed engaging in suspicious activity should be reported to the police. For emergencies call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies call (877) 275-5273.

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